Since IB prescribes 1400-1600 word limit thus between the limits of above 1200 and below 1600 words, let us work with a desirable range of 1450-1550 words.


Pick an ideal 3 AOK ‘Areas of knowledge’, 3 WOK ‘Ways of knowing’, and in no case any less than 2 of each. If the essay specifically requires only 2 AOK, then use 3-WOK to attain depth of the argument.


The very essential “ Introduction” and “ conclusion” for the Essay will take up 150-200 words each, so the main body will have minimum of 1000-1200 words.


Each claim /argument has to be balanced with a counter claim / counter argument.


So, with 3 AOK, 3 WOK, and for each claim and counterclaim, you will need 6-7 paragraphs of 150-200 words each.


It is your essay and you can always have 8-9 paragraphs. Just try to avoid very large and very small paragraphs.