The Soul of the Essay and the Presentation


The KQ or the knowledge question earlier referred by IB as KI (Knowledge Issue) is the search tool to build your body of Essay as well as your Presentation.


The KQs are open ended and incisive, asking for thoughtful and critical examination of the topic.


Split the chosen Essay title in short and simple to tackle 7-8 KQs. Voila, you have begun work on your TOK essay body just answering those 7-8 KQs.


Develop the body of the Essay through connecting and weaving the threads of understanding the answers to your KQs.


The right KQ is the key to your TOK presentation too. Just ask the right questions!


A typical KQ explores a particular topic /theme in depth or combines examining any particular AOK with a WOK tool.

We will formulate sample KQs for the current TOK Essay topics and the TOK Presentations.