The Internal assessment has a portfolio of 3 commentaries of 750 words each taken from 3 different sources, focusing on different sections from the syllabus, namely Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development.


The marks are systematically allotted to definitions of the economic terms, concepts, theories, diagrams and evaluation.


Take a look at the sample question from the paper 2. The question has a small case study followed by 4 questions asking for 2 definitions (Q1 part a and b), 2 conceptual /theoretical extracts and the last and the most important, the Evaluation. Your choice of article and commentary should similarly formulate and answer these 4 questions and you are all set for your Economics Internals Assessments.


The economic concepts and definitions are highlighted for you to develop the commentary from the syllabus.


In some cases we have provided the link for more article sources for the same theme, for example California Minimum wage Hike news. You can follow the same theme and search for articles from other sources.