Title 3 – KQ 1 What is the significance of Truth and Accuracy in Knowledge?

KQ 1 What is the significance of Truth and Accuracy in Knowledge?


Knowledge is considered ‘Accurate’ if the Known , the Measured or the Predicted are same or equal to the Truth , the Real, the Actual and the Existing- any deviation or discrepency will be an ‘Error’.

When confronted with errors , it is a natural response to investigate , probe , inquire , reflect and reexamine ‘what went wrong’. Compared to this the zero anamoly from accuracy not only bolsters existing strategy and practices , it reinforces credence to prevailing knowledge and information.

The accurate knowledge not only requires ways to get close to the truth to be error free but also knowing what is true , real , actual and existing. For example, through sense perception we can observe and know both the measured / predicted with the actual and real in Natural sciences . To have accurate knowledge may not be easy in areas of knowing like Religious systems and Ethics where the truth or the real and the actual is subjective to the individual , community and society .

Over a period of time it has been seen in the areas of Natural sciences , Social sciences and History ,the best of theories have been shown to be incomplete. The theories might explain a lot of phenomena using a few basic principles, predict new results but sooner or later new and more precise experiments show a discrepancy between the workings of nature and the predictions of these theories. It may appear that the theories were not ‘Accurate’ to begin with but we cannot deny the fact that theories at their time were very good approximation of the truth or the reality these addressed to understand and know.

When an agreed and exisiting theory cannot explain the new found data , the theorists and experimentalists work together to find answers and construct a new theory . This new theory if able to explain the new data as well the old data , supersedes the earlier theory , thus bringing about ‘Accuracy’ in that area of knowledge. The pursuit of Accuracy has a significant effect on the process of learning. We usually begin by challenging our underlying assumptions and models when we face errors in pursuit of accuracy.