Title 5 – KQ 1 : What are characteristics attributed to “ Quality “ in production of Knowledge?



The usual attributes associated with “ Quality “ are very close to being Accurate , being Valuable , measuring up to standards with huge advances in terms of its success in knowledge-seeking or truth-seeking. Besides the “ Quality” of final product that is Knowledge base , “ Quality “ is also related to the skill and competence in process of producing knowledge.

The produced Knowledge is considered ‘Accurate ‘and of high Quality if the Known , the Measured or the Predicted is same or equal to the Truth , the Real, the Actual and the Existing- any deviation or discrepency will be an ‘Error’. When confronted with errors , in the process of knowledge production , there exists a robust process to investigate , probe , inquire , reflect and reexamine ‘what went wrong’. The Robust methods of testing knowledge claims reinforce credence to prevailing knowledge and information.


The quality knowledge thus produced not only requires ways and means to get close to the truth to be error free but also requires to know what is true , real , actual and existing.