Getting on Unesco’s list a cause for celebration or controversy



TOK TOPICS:   Human Sciences, History , Arts , Indigenous Systems, Faith, Sense Perception


Case Description: Unesco’s heritage committee added 21 new places to its prestigious list, sparking jubilation across dozens of countries but also controversy. The list included ancient and historical cities , ecoregions , religious and sacred sites and other areas of rich architecture and multicultural importance.


TOK LINK: The listing bestows great honour ; the heritage status is an achievement to be proud of and celebrated but it also brings much responsibility on countries where the sites are. Most of the sites on the Unesco World heritage list are worthy new entrants for the attention they deserve but the listings has put them in more serious and grave danger. The renewed and attention brings tourists to these sites and although higher tourist footfall means more revenue and more funds that are available for repairs and conservation, these sites could get damaged by influx of large crowds. Humans could also wreak havoc in nature sites lauded for their wildlife.


Sample KQs:


What is the role of Unesco World heritage listing in Knowledge production and acquisition?



How far do you agree that historical , cultural and ecological fragile sites need to be put on Unesco World heritage list?