Title 6 – May 2017 KQ 5: How does “ pattern seeking “ and “pattern recognition” contribute to Knowledge acquisition?



Recognition associates itself with the process of identification, recollection and recall along with acknowledgement and acceptance of the existence, validity, or legality of something.

In the area of science and technology, recognition predominantly manifests itself in pattern recognition, biometric recognition, textual recognition and linguistics identification systems.

In human sciences, mostly in neuroscience, psychology and sociology, recognition is the basis of the process of gesture recognition, face perception, pareidolia and recall.

Using Memory, Imagination, Emotion and Sense perception, recognition ‘remembers ‘ through conscious recollection and ‘knows’ with a subconscious feeling of familiarity.

Since the beginnings human beings have identified patterns. Within their environment, humans initially identified patterns of – habits and response of animals, movements of sun, moon and seasons, growth and harvest of crops – used that knowledge and evolved from hunter-gatherers bands to complex civilizations.

In the last two centuries Natural sciences and Human sciences have made continuous and persistent efforts to make sense of the recognised patterns leading us to form associations and shape our understandings of almost every aspect of our lives.