Title 5 – TOK Essay May 2017 KQ 5 : Do disagreements always seek to disapprove and displace the prior Knowledge?


Very often disagreements coexist to explain and construct concepts, theories ,beliefs or an idea. While some times there are serious contradictions , there are times when these disagreements overlap and are also build upon one another.

For example in Psychological Theories , while perspectives in case of ‘Nurture-nature debate’ contradict each other, they overlap for ‘Psychoanalysis and child Psychology ‘ and are build upon each other in ‘Biological and health psychologist’.

How ever in physics , there is inherently no difference or conflict in theoritical or experimental knowledge. Although through their own perspectives , theorists value their theories for developing physics and the experimentalists think they discover or invent physics through their experiments , experimentalists are bound to understand the theory as much as theorists are compelled to understand the experiment.

As seen with research at CERN , all theorists , experimentalists, accelerator physicists, technicians work together to know and understand Physics. Physics on the other hand is independent of the existance of multiple perspectives and knowledge claims , conflicting or otherwise.