Title 3 – TOK Essay May 2017 KQ 6 : How far do you agree that “ Indigenous knowledge systems” get reinforced and advanced when judged by the standards of their time?



Indigenous Knowledge has earlier been ignored and denigrated , viewed and treated as ‘Backward’ compared to modern scientific knowledge systems : judged by the standards of our own time instead of the standards of their own time. Even now the only route to gaining legitimacy is when Indigenous knowledge confirms to the theory and practice of modern knowledge systems. The words and language that tend to get associated and employed with IK we associate with IK are ‘ lack of scientific rigour , anecdotal, outdated ‘ ignoring and disparaging the fact that IK is based on observations and experiences.

“Traditional knowledge in Africa is the wisdom, knowledge and practice of indigenous people gained over time through experience and orally passed on from generation to generation and has over the years played a significant part in solving problems, including those related to weather and variability.Many African communities are potential libraries of ethno-botanical information and can make invaluable contributions to conservation policy by sharing taxonomic knowledge and ecosystem management approaches.” This can happen only when these Indigenous Knowledge systems are judged by the standards of their own time.