France’s ‘burkini bans’: ugly politics on the beach


TOK TOPICS : Faith , Emotion , Human Sciences


Case description : Recently the Mediterranean cities , Nice and Cannes caused worldwide debate and resentment with their decision to prohibit wearing burkinis . The partial or total ban on Niqab or Burka already exists in many European countries with more and more countries joining in for the Ban in some form or the other.


TOK LINK : While , the most proximate reason for the ban is stated to be the risk of public disorder and security threat post the Bastille day Attacks in Nice , many feel that the ban has Xenophobic and Islamophobic roots. Also the French Premier Manuel Valls has called the Garment as the “ part of the enslavement of women”- bringing in cultural and religious aspects to the debate that, some claim, undermines the French concept of secularism founded on freedom of conscience, a strict separation between religion and the state, and the freedom to exercise any faith.



Sample KQs:


How do we determine the boundaries for personal faith and customs within the ambit of Social Coexistance and order in Globalised world?


Should our social customs , traditions and laws change with the needs of the new global world?