Uncivilized behavior by passengers unacceptable


TOK TOPICS: Ethics , Human Sciences


Case Description : The China Air Transport Authority Association has blacklisted Airline Passengers for the displaying uncivilised behavior . In the view of increasing complaints relating to uncivilized conduct in social scenarios at the airports or on the flight , the authorities have decided to blacklist passengers to prevent them from traveling by air until their names are removed from the blacklist. Most of the passengers behave inappropriately mostly when they are upset because of flight delays , mismatched expectation of service or sometimes just on a whim.

TOK LINK: China has been witnessing a boom in overseas travel on account of rising Incomes , cheap air tickets , strong Chinese currency and increased connections with the global world. The upclose and growing interaction with rest of the world necessitates following rules and code of conduct to maintain harmony and safety . There may be cases of ignorance and apathy amidst the first time travellers and scenes of outburst of frustrated travellers in closely packed settings.

Sample KQs:

How does knowing help in accommodating and acclimatizing in alien settings?


Do you agree that Individual behavior should have its own checks and balances?


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