Council clears dance bar bill without

TOK TOPICS : Arts , Ethics, Human Sciences, Emotion

Case description : The Indian state of Maharashtra cleared the bill to regulate dance bars in Mumbai and the rest of the state with the conditions : an approximate five-foot distance must be maintained between customers and dancers ,performers cannot be touched and neither money nor gifts can be showered on them and the performance area will be separated by a three-foot wall. The bill also specifies jail term and fines for ‘ Vulgar Dance’.

TOK LINK: Existing since 1980s Dance bars were part of Mumbai’s nightlife and were visited by all age groups and classes. The patrons including tourists enjoyed an ‘interactive” session with the dancers by showering them with currency notes. However in March 2005 the government banned the dance bars in view of the unsavoury activities that allegedly corrupted the young. The current bill also mandates that performances cannot be vulgar and as defined by law any dance that is meant to arouse the audience, simulates a sexual act or indicates sexual activity will be termed vulgar.


Sample KQs:

How far do you agree with Government legislating (passing laws) on Morality?

To what extent should Arts and Entertainment be restricted by Moral Policing?