Japanese AI Writes a Novel, Nearly Wins Literary Award



TOK TOPICS: Language, Memory, Imagination, Arts


Case description: In contrast to common ‘Automation’, a computer succeeded to replicate the complex creativity of human language in writing and piece together a coherent story. Although the AI-written novel needs specialisation in areas like character descriptions , it did manage to clear the first round of screening for a national literary prize in Japan.


TOK LINK : Writing a novel requires putting together an interesting and imaginative story-telling drawing on from our Imagination , Memory , Emotion and use of Language. The computer was guided by a team for deciding the plot and gender of the characters and preparing sentences to select to use autonomously ‘write’ the book. It is also obeserved that AIs preform better when partnered with humans, for instance the Chess teams composed of a human expert and artificial intelligence easily beat the teams made of artificial intelligence or humans alone. Machines may be our best partners ; complementing the human Imagination and creativity and doing better than what humans can do alone.

Sample KQs:

Is it possible for machines to do story-telling without Human assistance and experience?

How far can AI(Artificial Intelligence) imbibe Human Imagination and Emotion?