TOK TOPICS: Technology, Sense perception, Ethics

Case description: It is estimated that by 2020 , 13 billion household things in our homes,3.5 billion things in vehicles ,411 million wearable things, 646 million things in the hospital and 9.7 buildings, street lights, traffic lights, water pipes, parking meters, pollution monitors, and other things in the city will be connected to the internet.


TOK LINK: Living in a world of IOT(Internet of Things) essentially means we will be surrounded by a system of intelligently connected smart-computing devices, machines, objects, animals and people having unique identifiers that can sense and communicate with each other without any human-to-human or human-to-computer intervention. This will radically alter how , where and by whom the physical world is perceived. As more and more people rely on the interconnectivity of devices to control the things in the world, they increasingly become vulnerable to cyber crime, extortion and disruption.


Sample KQs:

How far do you agree that more information through IOT will enable better decision making?

In what ways Privacy and Security will be affected in a automated system of Data Generation and Transmission?



Things to Consider