Australian Tech Entrepreneur Outs Himself as Bitcoin Creator

TOK TOPICS: Technology, Ethics, Human Sciences


Case Description: Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright identified himself as the creator of the virtual currency ‘ Bitcoin’ after years of speculation. By its inherent nature, Bitcoin transactions are essentially digital and are outside the supervision and mediation of Banks, Governments and Regulators resulting in tax evasion and money laundering concerns from the authorities.


TOK LINK: The Bitcoin Founder is the creator of the ‘Blockchain’ – the technology underlying the currency. The particular code and related technology has inspired libertarian enthusiasts and banks to experiment with crypto currencies. Bitcoin has become accepted as a form of payment among a large group of people in many countries. However the Governments have viewed both the product and technology as illegal across continents.


Sample KQs:

Should progress in Technology and Creation be guided by Ethics?

To what extent does Individual Creativity and Talent need to be moderated by social control?