The headscarf controversy that may push Air France crew members to refuse Iran trips

TOK TOPICS: Faith , Emotion, Human Sciences

Case Description:   The airline , Air France directed its female crew members to wear a headscarf when flying to Iran through an internal staff memo . This dress code restrictions was not well received by some employees , who displayed their displeasure and reservations through their union representatives.

TOK LINK: In Iran , both the law and the custom requires all women to cover their hair in public places. Taking into consideration the tolerance and respect for culture and customs in the countries served by the International Airlines, Air France advocated that the crew members were ‘obliged like other foreign visitors to respect the laws of the countries to which they traveled’. However after the protests from employees and union representatives , AirFrance acknowledging the personal belief and freedom of the female employees included the option ‘not to fly to Iran and work on a different flight’ if the employees desired so.

Sample KQs:

How do we determine the boundaries for personal freedom and social customs in an era of globalisation and increasing travel ?

Should our social customs , traditions and laws change with the needs of the new global world?

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