New Zealand radio hosts Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath suspended over call from Ben Stokes’ mother


TOK TOPICS: Language, Emotion, Ethics, Human Sciences


Case description: New Zealand radio hosts Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath were suspended for broadcasting a conversation with mother of England cricketer Ben Stokes when she believed they were off air. Preceding to this , the two radio hosts were using strong words and tone against the performance of the cricketer that had induced Ben stokes’mother to call the radio station.


TOK LINK: Ben Stokes was subjected to close public scrutiny post England’s defeat in the T20 world final. The sudden and unexpected defeat resulted in Emotions running high that could be sensed in the tone and words used in the media. The radio hosts further exploited the opportunity of this emotional outpour when the cricketer’s mother intervened to protest.


Sample KQs:

To what extent does Emotion influence the sportsmanship in games?

What is the responsibility of media in representing and reporting the public emotion ?