New Facebook tool lets blind people ‘see’ photos

TOK TOPICS: Sense Perception, Language, Technology, Human Sciences, Imagination


Case description : In an attempt to improve accessibility to wider audiences , facebook is launching AI-powered ‘automatic alternative text’; a tool that uses object recognition technology to identify and describe an image to visually impaired and blind people . More than 39 million blind and over 345 million visually impaired people will be able to hear-and visualize-what’s in a photo posted on the social network through the screen readers. The tool will describe what the image may contain, from simple objects like ‘car’ to ‘three people smiling outdoors’.


TOK LINK: The AI powered technology essentially depends on understanding what is in a photo and descride to Blind and visually impaired in words. In this case , the access to the complete information and inclusion in the conversation will depend on the description by the software as well as the imagination of the recipient .

Sample KQs:

How far can machines perform ‘Image seeing and reading’ compared to humans?

To what extent does Imagination depend on Visuals , Language and Memory?