Amnesty report: Executions at their highest level in 25 years

TOK TOPICS: Ethics, Human Sciences, Reason, Emotion, Religion


Case description: Human Rights group Amnesty International reports the highest number of recorded executions in more than 25 years in 2015. This increase was fueled by three nations — Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia — who together were responsible for nearly 90% of executions in 2015. While these countries have attributed the increase in executions to terrorism related offences and Arab Spring inspired protests, China being the world’s large executioner has kept its executions records as ‘State Secret’. Besides the increase in number of executions, Saudi Arabia has long faced international criticism for both the manner and the methods like beheading and crucifixion of its judicial killings.


TOK LINK: Capital Punishement is widely acknowledged as avoidable from the standpoints of morality and futility and majority of countries have chosen to move away from it in the last few decades . The increase in executions in countries like Iran , Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Pakistan and China represent the lopsided state of citizen freedom and liberty within the specific political system.


Sample KQs:

Even for the ‘worst of the worst’ is it justified to take a life?

To what extent the government action against its own citizens is justified to establish law and order?