Superheroes take over Hollywood

TOK TOPICS: Imagination, Emotion, Social Sciences


Case description: Hollywood studios have recently produced an ‘extended Universe’ of connected films –the interlinking lattice of movies where superheroes are all linked up with each other in a tied up plot. Leading production houses are resurrecting their famous superheroes and tying them all together – Universal with stable of 1930s monsters, including Dracula, the Mummy and the Wolfman, Warner Bros with Godzilla and King Kong and Paramount bringing together GI Joe, Micronauts, MASK.

TOK LINK : The semioticians( study signs and symbols as elements of communicative behavior) often refer this as ‘intertextuality’ – shaping the narrative through text or interconnected text. In literature and fiction the stories are interwoven inside and parallel to each other. This use of creating the extended universe through the web of spin offs and amalgamations stretches imagination and takes the audience seamlessly into dynamic and endless storytelling.


Sample KQs:

To what extent do the ‘endings’ influence Imagination?

What role does Emotion play in building and shaping an ‘extended universe ‘of superheroes?