Mercedes Hit-And-Run: Accused Teenager Surrenders, Sent To Correction Home

TOK TOPICS: Ethics, Human sciences, Natural sciences


Case description: A high school student, ran over a 32-year-old man with his father’s Mercedes in New Delhi ‘s Civil Lines just 4 days before he turned 18 years old. In the CCTV footage, the victim was seen flung 10 foot into the air and there was no sign of the driver trying to swerve or slow down. The victim’s family has requested that the teen be tried as an adult under the amended Juvenile Justice Act and should not ‘get away on a technicality’.
TOK LINK: Following the heinous crime committed by a 17 year old earlier in December 2012, the Indian Government amended the Juvenile Justice Act thereby treating the offender as an adult. Age of Criminal responsibility –the age at which a child is considered to be responsible for a crime varies from country to country. Psychologists have held easy access to explicit violence and aggression in gaming , entertainment and sports as major reasons for the brutality of the crimes committed by the teenagers. It is also believed that the early exposure to adult themes and content shapes the teen brain into an adult features without the considerations of adult responsibilities and sensibilities.


Sample KQs:

How far do you agree with that Humans have started maturing early?

How does Emotion influence Ethics or the lack of Ethics amongst teenagers?