New Zealand votes to keep its flag after 56.6% back the status quo

TOK TOPICS: Human Sciences, Arts, Emotion, Reason, Indigenous Systems.


Case Description: New Zealand decides to keep their current National Flag after a nationwide referendum for an alternative design. Amongst those in favor of retaining the flag, some felt the change will be like amputating the history”, some did not like the new design option and felt it almost “ maintained the status quo” and majority felt the options were insipid, unimaginative, non inclusive and largely ignored the Indigenous inputs.


TOK LINK: The process of choosing to change the national flag not only evoked emotional responses but also responses that were presented with reason. In an ever changing world , how do we decide what to keep and what to let go? Do we align to the changing multicultural, homogenous global culture or preserve our unique identities? Referring to the article: Do Flags need to change with changing national identity or Flags, like our names, remain with us as we mature and are the sum total of our existence.


Sample KQs:

Why do we get attached to symbols and Images? Do symbols have more power on us than the text?

Do Secular symbols evoke same emotions like Religious symbols?